We run a beginner training course to introduce this hobby to new beekeepers.

The course consists of two phases:

First, six two hour theory sessions led by an experienced beekeeper. These are held in a classroom setting on a weekday evening. The course follows the BBKA Basic Beekeeping syllabus covering equipment and manipulation, the natural history of bees, swarming, pests and diseases.

Secondly, we provide practical sessions at the EDBKA apiary. These are usually on a Saturday and the apiary is in West Moors.

In order to take part in the training you will need to join EDBKA at least as an associate member which currently costs £15. This will entitle you to receive our newsletters, any mailings and attend apiary and other meetings and events. If you chose to join as a full member this currently costs £35 and includes BBKA membership. You can see membership details here.

If you would like to be notified once the next course details are available please let us know by sending us your details in the form below. More details regarding the course and the cost will be sent once the dates have been set. Our winter course is well underway. We anticipate a further course likely to be around April/May 2024.