Apiary Report Winter 23-24

As is well known the apiary was in a sorry state in spring 2023.
We now have a management team of 8 individuals who, with the general committee make decisions and manage the work load.
By means of collected swarms, 3 nucs purchased from Becky’s Beezzs (1 Buckfast and 2 Buckfast crossed) and a colony of Michael Woodhouse’s own strain, we now have 12 thriving colonies housed in a range of standard national, 14×12’s, langstroth and nuc hives.
No hives established strongly enough last season to produce a honey crop.
Apistan was was administered to all hives in September, strips removed in October. A late December varroa treatment was ruled unnecessary and we plan to do a mite drop check in the spring.
Going into winter all hives had insulation in the roof void and varroa boards installed. None had external jackets.
In the light of recent discussions on wax moth infestation we are checking varroa boards regularly and have had no issues so far.
Up to the end of February there have been no winter losses.
In December a through examination and a full inventory of our stock was undertaken by a group of volunteers.
With a robust fence, establishing hedge and well maintained site we can look forward  to this season with optimism!
Terry Greene