The Association has a library of books available for members to borrow. If you are interested in borrowing any of these you can arrange to collect them from the apiary in West Moors by contacting Jenny Wellman.

A Book of HoneyEva Crane
A Manual of BeekeepingE.B. Wedmore
Anatomy and Dissection of the Honey BeeH.A. Hade
Anatomy and Physiology of the Honey BeeSnodgrass
Beekeeping at Buckfast AbbeyBrother Adam  (signed)
BeesVon Frisch
Bees and BeekeepingA.V. Pavord
Beekeeping for AllTickner Edwardes
Bees and HoneyGeorge Carter
BeeswaxRon Brown
Communication among Social BeesMartin Lindauer
Complete Guide to BeekeepingRoger Morse
Contemporary Queen RearingHarry H Laidlaw Jr.
HoneyEva Crane
Honey Bee PathologyLesley Bailey
Honey in the CombEugene E Killion
In Search of the Best Strains of BeesBrother Adam
Keeping Honey BeesJudy Urquhart
Oilseed Rape and BeesAlan Calder
Practical Bee GuideJ G Digges
Principles of Practical BeekeepingRobert Couston
Some Important Operations in Bee ManagementT S K & M P Johansson
Swarming of BeesMAFF
The Children’s Story of the BeeS L Bensusan
The Dancing BeesVon Frisch
The Hive and the Honey BeeA Dadant Publication
The Honey BeeT W Cowan
The Lore of the Honey BeeTickner Edwardes
The Introduction of Queen BeesSnelgrove
The Observation HiveShowler
The Skyscraper HiveM Ducat
The Social Organisation of HoneybeesJohn D Free
The World of the Honey BeeColin G Butler
Honey FarmingR.O.B. Manley
Honey Bees and Their ManagementStanley R Whitehead
BeekeepingAndrew Davies
A Modern Bee Farm (1914)S Simmins
The Life of the BeeMaurice Maeterlinck