Feeding bees

Balancing Feeding and Honey

As the seasons change, so does the delicate dance within a beehive. From the bustling days of spring to the quiet winter months, beekeepers embark on a year-round journey. Ensuring their honeybees thrive and produce the golden nectar we so cherish. It is a buzzing adventure! Explore why we need to feed honeybees occasionally. Rest assured we always want the honey in your jar is authentic, quality honey created only by the bees.

Local beekeepers honey in jars
Honey come in many colours and favours

In the vibrant tapestry of spring, flowers burst forth, and honeybees eagerly collect nectar to fuel their hive. Beekeepers, like skilled conductors, carefully managing the colony’s symphony, watching over their bees as they bring in a buffet of floral offerings. This abundance lays the foundation for the delectable honey that will later grace our tables.

Nature Provides Food For The Bees In Summer

As summer heats up, beekeepers watch their colonies grow stronger. They provide supplemental feeding when necessary, a crucial step to sustain the hive during periods of dearth. Quality honey, after all, is a testament to the health and well-being of the bees. Local beekeepers are intuitively connected to their colonies. Understanding the importance of maintaining a balance between nature’s bounty and the hive’s needs to survive.

Bees May Need Feed in Autumn

In Autumn our focus shifts. The days grow shorter, and a chill permeates the air. To ensure the bees’ survival through the winter, beekeepers may feed them fondant—a sweet and energy-dense concoction. This thoughtful act provides the bees with a reserve of nutrients to draw upon when trees & flowers are no longer giving food, and the world lies dormant.

WBC beehive in winter

Winter settles in, and the bees cluster together creating a haven of warmth amidst the cold. The beekeeper, a guardian, monitors the food supply. A colony at near starvation level must be fed if they are to survive. Supplementary feeding ensures that the colony endures the winter months, emerging strong and vibrant when spring’s first blossoms appear.

EDBKA’s dedicated, local beekeepers are proud that the journey of honey is not just a process; authentic. Each jar of local, quality honey tells a tale of seasonal nuances. Thoughtful care and the delicate dance between nature and nurture. So, the next time you savour the sweetness of honey, remember the journey. The year-round symphony orchestrated by bees and their keepers alike.