Help with Swarms

What do I do if a swarm of bees is in my Garden?BE BUMBLE WASP ID

Don't panic!

Bees in a swarm are at their most docile and are highly unlikely to sting anyone.

A swarm is a natural process for bees to expand their numbers. They have laid a new Queen in their previous colony and the old Queen is accompanying her old bees to a new home. It's 'holiday-time' and prior to swarming the honey bees will have filled up on honey from their stores and are totally content, prepared for a longish wait.

Because the bees are so full of honey they will be relatively passive and less likely to sting. They will hang in a cluster, usually on a tree branch, whilst they send out scout bees to look for a new home.

However, the scout bees may decide that their perfect new home is your household cavity wall, chimney, rabbit hutch, gas meter box or somewhere where you really do not want them.

We can help by removing the swarm and setting them up in a bee hive where they will be properly looked after.


Call any of the following members:

For CHRISTCHURCH AND SURROUNDING AREA please consult Hampshire Beekeepers -

 - Jenny Wellman : 01202 873292 FIRST & GENERAL CONTACT

 - Ivor Kemp 079325 38491 - BROADSTONE, POOLE, OAKDALE 


 - Paul Heawood 07739 151601 - BROADSTONE, OAKDALE, POOLE

 - Clive Hutchings 01202 573973 - NORTHBOURNE, ENSBURY PARK

 - Patti Sandham 01929 439001 - WORTH MATRAVERS, SWANAGE, PURBECK

 - Lesley Searle 01258 840681 WIMBORNE and surrounding area

 - Peter Langholz 01202 874481 - FERNDOWN

 - Jim Gardner 07767 641701 - POOLE, FERNDOWN, OAKDALE, BOURNEMOUTH 

For help with anything other than Honey Bees we recommend Frank Hayes, South Coast Pest Control, who works in tandem with us, and is available on either 01202 604682 or 07525 337472

It would be helpful if you are ready with your address (including postcode), a contact phone number and as full a description as possible of the bees exact location (e.g. on the branch of a tree, on a roof, etc.) and any accessibility difficulties that might require a ladder or other equipment.

If you are unsure whether you have a swarm of honey bees reference to the following page will help BBKA Help page